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All About The Pony Club UK

Summary: The Pony Club in Great Britain is known to be one of the most popular and respected equestrian clubs for children for a number of reasons, besides its groundbreaking in the year 1929.


The Pony Club was founded in the United Kingdom during the early year of 1929, quite evident that equestrianism was already a widely played and well-established sport during the early ages. It is a voluntary organization that has now extended and extended its influence on an international scale. Right now, Pony Club branches are quite popular in a number of countries worldwide. It is also quite remarkable to mention and to note that it is one of the 16 organizations that make up the British Equestrian Foundation, which is the governing body of the United Kingdom’s equestrian sport. It also represents the country during International Federation for Equestrian Sports.


Here’s a bit of history about this highly-esteemed Pony Club of Great Britain. As mentioned earlier, this club was founded in the year 1929 as a youth division of the Institute of the Horse equestrian organization. The original Pony Club was created in order to encourage the young ones to learn riding at a tender age. This also fostered their skills and honed them by providing them with various opportunities in the field that they never have imagined. This division of the Institute spread rapidly, and grew quickly in terms of headcount. It reached a humble number of 300 members in the year 1930, and this spiked into an overwhelming 10,000+ members in the span of 5 years (1935). Finally, when the Institute of the Horse entered the National Horse Association of Great Britian in order to form The British Horse Society, the Pony Club was chosen to be integrated into the new division, therefore establishing the beginning of its success.

Pony – Need To Know

The Pony Club is divided into a total of nineteen different areas that are further subdivided into other smaller branches. A District Commissioner and a voluntary committee make sure that each branch is administered properly and well taken care of. They are also the ones responsible and in charge of the activities of the branch, as well as spearheading them.

Pony – Membership Of The Pony Club

When it comes to membership, there are two different kinds available in the Pony Club and these are the a) Branch Membership and the b) Centre Membership. Those that belong to the Branch Membership should have their own ponies, or at least borrow one, in order to participate in the scheduled activities. On the other hand, the centre membership is ran by the riding schools, and this is why the members can use the ponies from the riding school in order to participate in the events and activities.

The Pony Club in the United Kingdom is open to members until they reach the last day of the year they turn twenty-one. There has been a minor change noted recently though that the club has finally extended their age limit to twenty-five years old. A series of riding tests and questions on horsemanship is required before one can be an eligible member of the club. Most members look forward to the annual Pony Club Camp that allows members to get to know each other, and most importantly, to foster their sport.

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