Pony Club Classifieds

A Guide to the Pony Club Classifieds Website

Summary: The Pony Club classifieds website is a storehouse of information for horse lovers the world over, and proves useful to them in a number of ways.

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If you are a horse lover, and are on the lookout for a suitable pony, the pony club classifieds could be just the right source of information for you, which can be accessed on their website from anywhere in the world. These classified ads are floated online, and cover almost every category of ponies there are, and help you locate that ideal pony, either for yourself or for your children. All you need is a bit of patience to scour the ads meticulously, and judge which pony to ultimately choose.

Pony Club Classifieds

The pony club classifieds website contains regular updates on the latest pony listings from authorised professional horse breeders, and private owners, but it always pays to be vigilant about the quality of the pony or horse you are about to buy, especially, when transacting online, even though the average dealer in ponies is generally known to be genuine on the site. However, a physical examination of the animal is always advisable.

Pony Club Classifieds – Separate Sections

The website that carries the classifieds has separate sections for ponies in different age groups, bloodlines and lineage, and the prices are also quoted for every animal advertised. It guarantees that the animal is of good health; provides a full list of documents pertaining to its ownership and medical history; and the conditions under which it has been bred and brought up. If you have made a selection from the pony club classifieds, you should also find out how long the pony has been available in the market for sale. If there have been no takers for it for quite some time, then, the animal needs to be checked thoroughly.

Pony Club Classifieds – Site

The website on pony club classifieds has nine sections, which speak about the history of the pony club, its current membership figures, annual events, branches and centres, facilities for training ponies, as also an online shopping facility to buy horse equipment and accessories. You can register online to become a member of the site.

The website assumes much significance in the era of e-communication and in an environment where horse breeding is increasingly becoming more competitive. The pony club classifieds, therefore, not only give you reliable information, but give you the opportunity of hooking up with international dealers from anywhere in the world. It’s also an excellent tool for them to market their products, and in promoting their animals in a market which has a relatively smaller number of buyers. The website seeks to address a specific audience of pony buyers and dealers only, and acts as a platform for them to come together. It helps pony marketers to identify the specific needs of their target clients and customers, and to subsequently provide them with a product that satisfies a buyer completely.

The pony club classifieds, in sum, help the seller identify his buyer, and vice versa at local, regional, national and international levels. This is a veritable database of information on organization, breed registry, pony shows and clubs. As a horse lover, all one needs to do is to register, and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Pony Club Classified Adverts- Various Categories


Summary: There are six basic categories of pony club classified advertisements that help horse lovers and dealers to connect with each other. Here is an overview.


Pony club classified advertisements are basically of six types. These include, ponies and horses for sale, track & accessories, wanted, transport, and miscellaneous. The main purpose of these advertisements is to bring pony buyers and sellers together, and the pony club official website is an ideal marketing platform for professional horse breeders, and buyers from all over the world to interact and close professional deals.


The pony club classified advertisements in the ponies and horses for sale section contain hundreds of advertisements on ponies and horses for sale, belonging to different age groups, sizes, breeds, bloodlines and nationality. The prices for each animal are quoted separately, and there are also facilities for buying and selling online, subject to physical verification of the horse. One also needs to check the authenticity of the seller, as also the animal, in terms of its health and age, before closing a deal.


For those looking for specialised riding equipment and accessories, the classified advertisements carry details of saddles, riding garments, like jackets, gloves and breeches, riding crops, head and footwear, which can easily be also bought online. Such equipment, being of a special nature, may not always be readily available in retail stores, and the online stores usually serve as a one stop shop for them, often at discounted or reasonable prices.


The third category of pony club classified advertisements is put out by those looking for particular breeds of ponies or horses, or even equestrians, on loan or on rent. If you want a pony on a temporary basis, for a specific purpose, all you need to do is to put out your advertisement with your specifications, and you are bound to get suitable replies. This again is an added advantage for those who are unable to afford buying ponies, which usually come at hefty prices.


Facilities for transporting horses are a major factor in the horse breeding world, and there are often advertisements for special horse boxes, trailers and lorries for transporting these animals. These containers are made according to international specifications and measurements, and are often available on rent, where the transporter is unable to afford buying one. The transport section of pony club classified advertisements carry information on the availability of such equipment, either for sale, or hire, and one can easily get a good bargain even for second hand stuff.


Finally, there is the miscellaneous category of pony club classified advertisements, which carry information on horse maintenance equipment, like brushes, buckets, wagonettes, and arena mirrors, which are inextricably linked to the world of horse breeding and owning. There is also information on professional companies that maintain your horses for a fee, and even look after your pony when you are away.


Pony club classified ads are a great way to communicate to specific horse loving audiences. They are classified into categories to help seekers of information to quickly locate and access them, as and when they require. One needs to scour the internet patiently to locate what he wants, and in all probability, he will never be dissatisfied.



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