Pony Club Branches

Competitive Spirit Among the Various Pony Club Branches

Summary: The Pony Club is an organization for enthusiastic youngsters who are interested in riding horses. The club is located in UK, but the pony club branches are distributed across various countries. The club promotes friendly international events and tournaments to enhance the relationship and team spirit among its members.

pony club branches

The Pony Club was founded in 1929, and has around 345 pony club branches in UK. It is an international voluntary youth organization for young people interested in ponies and riding. It has acted as a starting point for various team members and medal winners. It is represented in 18 countries, with a worldwide membership exceeding more than a million. It is considered to be one of the largest associations of young riders.

Pony Club Branches

The Pony Club head office is located at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, which controls and manages the club. The Pony Club is split into 19 areas, and the pony club branches are located in each of these areas. Each area is represented by an Area Representative. All the pony club branches cover a considerable geographical area, and are organized through the rules of the Pony Club. Each branch is administered by a voluntary District Commissioner, and a committee formed by all the voluntary members provide the required help to the branch.

Pony Club Branches – Membership

The Pony Club branch membership is given to anyone less than 21 years, and the existing members have the privilege of extending their membership to 25 years. To become a member of the Pony Club, you should have access to a horse or pony. Members can access the horse or pony through ownership or loan. They should even have their own transport, or the means to transport the horse to and from rallies and events.

Pony Club Branches – Membership Scheme

The centre membership scheme was launched in 1998. It was started for those people who didn’t have a pony or a horse, who ride at riding schools, and want to become a part of the club. These members can take part in all the activities of the Pony Club. There are around 600 Pony Club centres in UK, and the activities are run by the proprietors and their instructors. The Pony Club is spread across fifteen nations, and aims to promote exchange visits between members of the various countries. The pony club branches are distributed across 17 countries with over 1200 branches.

Various competitions are held at different branches and centres of the club in UK. The national championships allow members from various branches to participate and compete at the highest level. These tests and competitions not only help individuals to develop a potential to achieve higher, but also encourage them to strive for the highest standards.  Many members from various branches compete at an international level which helps them to raise their confidence and performance. Inter branch competitions will help the members to develop team work, and raise the pride of the branch.

The benefit of joining any of the pony club branches is that every member has the right to an insurance cover, to save him from any accident. Every branch of the Pony Club has its own website, which enables members to easily locate their dates of upcoming events, schedules and results of an event or rally. These branches also provide merchandise and sale of horses and ponies. They offer fun and friendship, along with training and competitions.

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