Oxenholme Pony Club

Features Of The Oxenholme Pony Club

oxenholme pony club

Summary: Oxenholme pony club provides camps for children and their ponies. It is one of its kind camps where young people can learn riding as well as participate in various competitions and races. It is a good platform for enthusiastic teenagers who want to try their hand in riding and racing.

Oxenholme Pony Club

Oxenholme pony club is a club for young people and their ponies to get trained and participate in events and races. It organizes mini camps, mounted rallies, hunter trails, pony racing, dressage tests, show jumping rallies, flatwork rallies, stable management and various other programmes for summer and winter. They even organize cross country races between various zones of the pony club to pump up the competition. The Oxenholme branch is a part of the Pony Club which has 348 other branches and 40,000 pony club members in Great Britain.

Oxenholme Pony Club – Helping Children

Oxenholme pony club takes care of the children and their ponies at the camp. They provide loads of lessons to the children and their pony and also conduct fun activities. Before checking in to the camp it is necessary to submit vaccination certificates of the pony to the club authorities else the pony would not be admitted into the camp. The children should be well prepared to take care of themselves and their ponies. They are trained to work in a group and mend themselves accordingly.

Oxenholme Pony Club – Pony Care

Oxenholme pony club takes good care of the pony. They provide straw bedding and food supply for the pony. The parents can bring or even send hay or alternate bedding to their pony. The club requests all the club members to bring the necessary accessories like riding jackets, hair nets, gloves, sleeping bad and pillows, club badges, etc. for themselves and saddle, bridle, girth, boots, riding stick, buckets, etc., needed by the pony.

Parents and friends of the children can come to the camp to watch the lessons at any time during the week. Friday is considered as an open day when most of the parents come to visit the camp and see the progress of their children at the camp. However, they are banned to enter the yard, except to collect or deliver the pony. The children are looked upon by five resident instructors. Extra instructors are provided to additional classes to the children.

Oxenholme pony club have their own dress code and security checks. They provide the necessary safety rules for children to amend and follow. They are very strict when it comes to the protective gear and allow only standard head gears to be used. They even provide sweatshirts and jackets at a fair price.

The pony club also offers cross country course at Helsington, near Kendal. It is designed to meet different levels of competition by providing a fence with three different heights. The smallest fence is approximately 80 cm in height and the largest is 105 cm. The

Oxenholme pony club defines new standards of training and racing through its strict dress code. They encourage people to enjoy and learn about ponies and riding. You can book for a rally or enrol your child for the camp. They even offer rent or sale of ponies which are highly trained and easy to ride. Look out for the newsletter of the club if you are interested in purchasing a well-trained pony.

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