Measuring and Fitting Harness

Rene Schoop offers free fitting when you buy new or used harness for ponies and horses. Please do not underestimate the value of this service; if harness is fitted incorrectly to an animal it can easily rub and injure. Therefore a professionally fitted harness ensures not only that your pride and joy remains free from unnecessary injury, but can perform at its best.

Please phone us before you measure to have Barbara talk you through your measuring, so she can help you to measure in exactly the right places. Or arrange to visit us with your horses to have them measured by our staff. Its a good idea to place an old harness or a saddle or roller with bridle on your horse to see where it sits for measuring.

Full size harness generally fits a 15hh+ horse with a muscular body or a smaller horse with a chunky frame and /or long body.

Cob harness will suit a 13-14hh horse with a full frame, large native ponies or a taller horse who is slender.

Pony harness fits about up to 12hh2″ or well built Shetland cross and small slender cobs as well as large donkeys.

Shetland harness fits around 10-11hh Shetland and other small ponies and standard donkeys.

Mini Shetland harness fits 9hh and under, down to about 75cm miniature horses & ponies as well as miniature donkeys.

Print out the page to record your measurements and be assured that whatever unusual size or shape you are fitting, we will be able to make the parts look stylish and feel comfortable.