We would like to share just a few of the comments from very many happy customers with you.  We would be happy to put you in touch with anyone who has similar interests to help you share information about carriage driving and develop this excellent sport.



I bought an original Brougham from Rene which was beautifully refurbished. It is very popular for winter weddings and I’m delighted with my purchase

Fred Morton

Rene’s knowledge of carriages is second to none. He’s been supplying me with carriages, horses and harnesses since 2002 and he has never let me down. He always goes that extra mile and is a perfectionist at his work.

Chris Ainscough, Horse Drawn Carriages Ltd

Rene supplies first class carriages. His knowledge and service is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Nick Cooke, Cooke’s Carriages

Dear Rene,

Just to say thank you for suggesting that I tried to get my shetland Cassie back into work after his broken leg through pairs driving. Did approx 15 hours long reining them with no problem at all then into the carriage with people in attendance then out on the roads for maybe 20 hours and yesterday I took them to the NEDTL indoor competition and they were superb – my first in public with a pair. I’m so delighted with the outcome and the vet said I was lucky to get such helpful advice – so many thanks again

Regards Joan L

Hi Rene

Just to say thank you again for letting us borrow Masta – Jon and I had a great time and learned a lot over the weekend. Just to let you know he was standing under his tree this morning looking very chilled and relaxed and standing on all 4 feet which as you can imagine I was very relieved to see. He recovered very quickly yesterday afternoon.

The vet rang me today with the results from Masta’s blood test – everything came back very normal – so definitely not a rig. Vet thinks he may have been gelded late and still be demonstrating a few learned behaviours – you can see a theme building here cant you? He asked me about the biting issue and I said that the long carrot technique works brilliantly and he is accepting the bit easily if you put the carrot in the side of his mouth – he then open his mouth and reached for the bit. I told him he seems much more comfortable in his mouth since the vets visit.

I will put him back into the bungee this week to look at improving his head carriage. Do you have a 6” military I can borrow for him? as now we have done his teeth and can get a bit in comfortably which he will accept easily, I thought it might be worth seeing how he would go back in a regular driving bit of the right size. Panka’s bit is a 5 and3/4” Liverpool mullen but the vet said was too small – I dont want to risk upsetting his mouth again so wondered if you have a 6” we could try him in?

Give Panka a mint from me – and say thank you to Barbara for me – I shall look to come up and see her this week

Sarah Clements

I would like to send a massive ‘thankyou’ to Rene, in December I visited him to chat about a pairs carriage… I recieved a very warm welcome some really good advice and within 6 weeks a perfectly stunning pairs/single carriage…. Cannot wait for the season(s) ahead…. It is the second time I have purchased a carriage from Rene and would highly recommend and return without hesitation, fantastic friendly service…. A massive thankyou x Lindsey Doran