Shetland and Mini Harness

Fine Lightweight

A new design of fine lightweight harness which suits the smaller equine.  With narrower straps all round, it allows the finer features of a smaller driving pony or donkey to be appreciated. Made in mini or Shetland sizes which can be mixed & matched to make a set to suit mini slim to stocky tall Shetlands.

Single £400

Pair £800

Prices are for a complete driving set in black including bridles, bits to be purchased separately.

Bargain Shetty Harness

Made from European leather with brass fittings this full & complete set of Shetland harness comes in black with a set of matching reins £195.

Ideal as a starter set and for juniors wanting to try out a new sport with their former ridden pony, this bargain Shetland harness will suit training and showing just as well.

And even at this bargain price, all customers will receive our best free fitting advice.  The set is hardwearing and traditional in design, which looks great with traditional and modern vehicles.