Normal rubber reins

These rubber reins are a webbing rein with strong rubber strands interwoven into the fabric all along their length providing extra grip.  They are a durable every day rein for leisure driving.

  • Single from £60
  • Pair from £120
  • Team from  £160

Rubber duck reins

rubber duck reinsRubber duck reins are a webbing rein but are fully coated in rubber with rubber nodules along the length providing the best grip possible.  They give excellent feel and control in sport and endurance events.

  • Single Pony £85
  • Single Horse £90
  • Pony Pair £140
  • Horse Pair £160


tandem leather leader reinsLeather reins

Leather reins can be made to customers’ specification for length, width and weight depending on vehicle and size of horses.  Leather reins are individually priced.