prince philip carriage drivingRene Schoop harness is the best synthetic harness currently on the market in the UK.  Designed by craftsmen and tested by the top drivers in competition it is renown for style, durability and performance.  Rene Schoop specializes in first class synthetic leather look carriage driving harness using superior stainless steel roller buckles and quick release fittings.

Leisure Harness

fully synthetic horse and pony harness

leisure harness full size on 14hh horse

Unique adjustable saddle with sliding or quick release swingle-tree attachment, quick release breeching straps available.

All stainless steel fittings totally adjustable in black (can be dispatched immediately) brown available to order.

Full description and prices on the leisure harness page.

Sport Harness

sport harness full size on 15hh horse

sport harness full size on 15hh horse

Rene Schoop heavyweight sport harness has a unique breast plate which converts quickly and easily from single to pair, team or tandem. All harnesses include: Stainless steel fittings Shaft loops for open or closed shaft ends New quick release shackles for breaching straps

No less than 7 National Champions use ReneSchoop sport harness every day as well as globally recognized movie stuntmen Gerard & Daniel Naprous.

Please see the sport harness page for full description and prices

Trade Harness

trade harness red backbandRene Schoop trade harness is both stylish and durable.  With synthetic or full leather collar options and stainless steel horseshoe buckles, the trade harness is an eye catching show winner. A number of colour and size options are available.

Details and prices on the trade harness page.