Compact Extreme

New time busting carriage in obstacles


Compact Extreme competition winning carriageAfter extensive development and extreme testing by Rene and his team of international drivers and engineers, the Compact Extreme three phase carriage has emerged from the workshop.

This carriage’s special features include an extreme adjustable system to suit the horse, the driver, and each phase of the competition. It has a low centre of gravity to make it extremely stable at all speeds.

compact extreme 2It has six way adjustable shafts, the seat can be raised and lowered to suit the drivers preference for dressage, cones and obstacles.  This offers a unique driving advantage in cones competitions.  Its firm ground hugging stability is designed for extremely fast speeds round obstacles, indoor and outdoor, with a choice of two tyre profiles for superior grip.  The Compact Extreme is fully compliant with the rules of horse driving trials and comes in sizes to fit single horse, pony and shetland.

compact extreme 3Your own personal colour scheme, lamp holders and a large see through spares holder are included in the price.  Additional extras such as the grooms seat, a second set of wheels, stainless steel wheels, shafts and sides can be custom made. Pneumatic tyres are also available with easy-change hubs.  Short delivery times.


compact extreme 4This new type of carriage is the only one that combines

  • adjustment to the width of the shafts
  • swingle tree width adjustment
  • axle width adjustment
  • all adjustable to 1.17m, 1.21m, 1.25m


compact extreme 5This unique carriage has become the fastest selling new competition carriage launched in the UK and is proving to be an excellent representative of the Rene Schoop name in competitions.  The vehicle is a singles vehicle and can not be adapted for pairs or have turn delay, or turntable brakes.

Priced on application




compact extreme 6