Various driving and long reining whips in stock and to order, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 180cm.

  • Economy whips £25

Quick Release Clips

Quick release clips are an essential piece of equipment for to attach traces to swingle and in many other applications.  Pony are slightly smaller size. Price per clip.

  • Pony £23
  • Cob/Full £25

Double Sided Clip

Safely and quickly attaches breeching strap – can be left on carriage or breeching.  Price includes 2 clips and 2 triangles.

  • One size £15

Harness Wall Rack

Useful rack fastens to wall and holds one driving harness of any size

  • One Size £15

Rubber Tie Ups

Rubber tie ups are a safe and durable way to create a hitching area. Carabinas at each end quickly clip to your tie ring or line and the other end clips to your horse. Prevents chewing, wear and horses learning to undo knots!

  • One Size £25

Hay nets

Medium size small hole hay nets in black are in stock.  They hold 6.5kg of hay.  Other sizes and colours can be ordered.

  • Medium £10


Bits are made to order in the UK in stainless steel in any size, style and fitting in 10-14 days including snaffle, Liverpool, vulcanised, mullen, port, jointed, mouthing bits.  If you have a special bit requirement that is not available off the shelf, please contact us.


Smart black synthetic underhalters with slim width straps and chrome fittings that blend in with your bridle. Available in Shetland, pony, cob and full size.

  •  £25


Smart black synthetic headcollars with brass fittings. Available in pony, cob and full size.

  •  £30

Harness bags

Generously sized harness bags with Velcro straps inside to hold saddle & harness parts in place. Fits one driving harness set of any size. Black with red piping.  Other combinations can be made on request.

  • One size £25

Under saddle pads

Under saddle pads can be made in a size and thickness to fit your harness and horse to give a comfortable fit.  They are washable and hard wearing.  Priced individually.

Harness parts and spares

All Rene Schoop harness parts can be ordered or made to measure individually as spares or replacements and are priced individually.