Highland Pony Enthusiast Club

The Highland Pony Enthusiast Club

Summary- Highland pony enthusiast club has been working wonders in breeding and up keeping of the special breed of these mountain and highland ponies. They have greatly added to their popularity among the equestrian fraternities of UK and nearby regions.

highland pony enthusiasts club

All the enthusiasts of highland ponies can now participate in an active group called highland pony enthusiast club which was formed in 1974, and celebrated its silver jubilee in 1999. This club organizes events in all the areas of UK, ranging from clinical, social and shows. Any member can attend this program or organize an independent show in the highland pony enthusiast club.

Highland Pony Enthusiast Club

We need to know a little more about the highland pony breed before we embark our journey towards the highly active world of the highland pony enthusiast club. It is a fact, that there is no highland or moorland that has enjoyed more popularity over the last few decades as much this breed has experienced. Originally, highland ponies were bred in the western isles and parts of Scottish main lands. Now due to the growing popularity studs are being bred and raised in Wales, continental Europe, USA, and Australia as well. The strong temperament and versatility of this UK native breed is appreciated greatly by people all across the world now.

Highland Pony Enthusiast Club – Pony Colours

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this breed is considered to be its wide variety of colors; some of them are unusual and attractive. In addition to the usual grey and whites, some of them are black and chest nut colored. Most ponies also have distinct dorsal eel stripes and zebra markings all across their bodies. The highland pony enthusiast club members do keep a check on the fact that all the studs they breed are all true ponies and not exactly little horses.

Highland Pony Enthusiast Club – The Magazine

The club comes out with a regular magazine and newsletter of their own which is highly awaited by all highland pony enthusiasts all across UK as it has all the relevant information and updates regarding the events and shows. This magazine basically gets published bi annually, in spring and in autumn editions and contains article, news and stories with great many photographs. It carries advertisements for ponies, transport, tacks etc too. The highland pony enthusiast club’s newsletter also comes out twice a year, in June and in January, containing brief results of various competitions and contests organized by the club regularly.

The fun way of promoting any cause or brand is to organize competitions and contest among people. The highland pony enthusiast club has set a bench mark in doing that. These contest don’t charge nay sort of entry fee and need not have any sort of proficiency in horse riding or great knowledge regarding ponies. Children can join in for free rides with the help of a simple happy card or a happy hacker pass. There are different rider based cards for different ages and people who really prove to be a great highland pony enthusiast can win various shields and trophies as well. Even the dedicated members of the club also get nominated for various motivating awards every year like that of, working highland of the year, unsung Heroes and so on. There is a special award named as highland pony enthusiast and highland pony ambassador. These activities and fun contests make it a great place for all the highland pony enthusiasts to gather and participate in their passion and love for this breed.


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