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Summary: The exmoor pony society has been around for years with a specific goal in mind. It has ensured the survival of a special breed of horse, and here is some information.

exmoor pony society

The exmoor pony society was created in 1921. The main goal of this society is to protect a fine species of horses, called the Exmoor Pony. It strives to ensure that this unique breed is not lost with time, to genetic ‘breed improvement’.

Exmoor Pony Society

Exmoor pony is native to the British Isles, more specifically, Exmoor, a large moorland in Devon and Somerset in England’s southwest region. These ponies are an extremely sturdy breed. They have heavy dense bones, powerful musculature and are known for their endurance, disease resistance and strength. Today, the breed is at a ‘critical status’ by the Equus Survival Trust, with a population of about 800 animals in the world today, with only 100-300 active breeding mares in existence. The main goals of the exmoor pony society are to protect the gene pool of this endangered species, encourage the breeding of pure strains to help the population increase, and make the world aware of this special breed.

Exmoor Pony Society – Types Of Horses

The exmoor pony society also helps in inspecting, registering and licensing Exmoor foals and stallions. It registers all the ponies, and has a special home for them to ensure they remain pure, and are protected from diseases and from other wild animals. Due to the endangered status of this breed, the Exmoor society is doing great work in conserving and protecting this species.

Exmoor Pony Society – Membership

The society offers different types of membership, such as the Lifetime Membership which is for £450, a full membership, which is a joining fee of £5, and an annual £25. The exmoor pony society also offers Family Membership, Associate Membership and Junior Associate Membership. Due to the size of the moor, where the ponies are kept, there is a grazing quota. For this, some of the young stock is put in fairs to find homes in domesticity.

The main aim of the exmoor pony society when they arrange these fairs and sales is to find a good and suitable home for these Exmoor ponies. It is very important to ensure the survival of this endangered breed, but it is pointless if the home chosen is unsuitable. Full details about the pony are given, including its parents, age, skills and the price expected. To ensure the purity of the breed, the society has very strict guidelines and rules in place. It also has rules regarding the breed standard. The pony should be; for a stallion, 119.4cm to 129.5 cm at maturity. Mares should be 116.8cm to 127 cm at maturity. It even has specific standards about the colour, fur and shape of the legs.

Only ponies whose parents are registered with the exmoor pony society are eligible to be registered in their Stud Book. There will be inspections conducted at regular intervals, and all ponies must be either branded with an identification mark, or a micro chip. The society’s brand is a four pointed star. Any microchip installed must be one readable by a society approved scanner, and should be implanted on the left side of the neck, around .5 – 1.5 inches from the dorsal midline.

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